Record and send rap via iMessage

@nicoduc I've shared this w/ a few friends...great feedback, although for me it took a wrong turn. Here what one of them has sent me (making fun of my Italian accent) https://soundcloud.com/robertosc...
@robertoscaccia that's so cool! keep it up man.
This app was made by my good friend @nicoduc :) I love it, its just...awesome and fun! Looking forward to your future projects!
@mikehlee_ Thanks, glad you liked it! send me a rap when you can :)
I forgot to upvote earlier since I've been texting rhymes to @jonsamuelson all day. Love it! More beats please! 🎶
@eriktorenberg first off, welcome to the rap app party @nicoduc. Congrats on the launch. Unfortunately, accessing the message framework is a bitch and takes forever which isn't your fault @nicoduc but something to think about. Sometimes it can take 10+ seconds for that dialog to even pop up. Also, the "send" button makes me think of Facebook messenger..might just be the color scheme. I'll keep my feedback limited to those two things since I'm assuming this is an early release and you got big things planned. Good luck on everything and holla if you ever want to chat.
Thanks for your feedback @sethmills21, that's a good point about the message framework. As my 1st iOS project, the idea behind the UI was to make it as intuitive as possible after installation. A lot of optimization could have been done but I wanted to release it as soon as possible and let everyone play with it :)
@nicoduc am I missing something? Why isn't the beat in the recording too?
@mikeeshattuck did you tap the beat first? Make sure your phone is on speaker mode and the cd is spinning when recording.