Raply x Mubert

Record your rap video over an A.I. generated beat

#4 Product of the DayApril 16, 2019
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Raply is a social app to record and share your rap videos.
  • Dancing Teeth
    Dancing Teethfreakin awesome

    Cool community and beats


    Only Android

    Raply has a very unique content. This app can be like a launchpad for some very talented MCs.

    Dancing Teeth has used this product for one month.
  • Yurij Riphyak
    Yurij RiphyakManaging Partner, YouTeam Ltd.

    The easiest way to share you rhymmin'


    Still very basic func tho.

    The beats are dope!

    Yurij Riphyak has used this product for one month.
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Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo PedenkoMaker@pavlo_pedenko · Co-founder @ Growth Marketing Stage
🎉🎉🎉Cheers from Kyiv, Ukraine! Half a year ago we built a prototype of the social app called Raply. Raply is an app that helps amateur rappers to create and share their rap videos. Since our launch, almost 4 thousands of aspiring rappers started using an app and practice their free flows. We talked to our users and found out that the biggest issue for them was a number of beats available in Raply. We had to solve this issue. A few months ago we partnered with Mubert team. Mubert is an app that delivers cool generative music. Today, we are happy to introduce our integration. From now on, Raply users can rap over A.I. generated beats and create truly unique rap videos.
L Jose M Roja
L Jose M Roja@l_jose_m_roja
@pavlo_pedenko i am really happy about this app , because is the best way to express what we really feel , however de are a good team and everyday is better
Pavlo Pedenko
Pavlo PedenkoMaker@pavlo_pedenko · Co-founder @ Growth Marketing Stage
@l_jose_m_roja appreciate your support, fella!
Alex Yarema
Alex Yarema@alex_yarema · Marketing Strategist
Keep up this dope work ^^
Likkleman Da Cypher
Likkleman Da Cypher@likkleman_da_cypher · Old ass rapper
Awesome 👍 and fun. Plus its a great way to boost your vocabulary or just to express your art
Igor Sokolov
Igor Sokolov@mirmidonez · Founder at theprocess.tech
I love the songs that you help create. Please, keep them coming 🖖
Katerina Boboshko
Katerina Boboshko@boboshkok · Product Manager
it's too good