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Oh that's not cool. It's pretty much a fake from elegantthemes Bloom Plugin. Not cool guys. Not cool.
@vladimirkusnezo I have to agree. The change was minimal and not enough to be approved by the WordPress community as a whole. It was basically a name change and an email optin box for use instead of a license.
@vladimirkusnezo as in they ripped the code from the other plugin OR they built a popup plugin from scratch?
@saijo_george is a 100% copy. Everything is the same. The UI, the style, even the images are the same. There is nothing build from scratch.
@vladimirkusnezo This is not correct at all. We're running over a 50% diff vs. Bloom, and we've added a number of new features, integrations, an opt-in bar, etc. Please run a diff on our code base.
@claycollins well but it started with a 100% copy. You said at medium that you're using it under a GNU License. But what is with the Terms of Service of ElegantThemes? (15. Copyright and Trade Mark Notices). Looks you don't give a ****. And if you talk from the "Spirit of the GPL", it is the ugliest thing to say that Rapidology is a "gift" from LeadPages. Because IF it's a gift, then it is a gift from ElegantThemes. If we would work like LeadPages, we could steal all the plugins and themes which are business for their owners and sell it under our name or share it for free to promote our stuff. It is like your first commenter said: "This was a dick move and just because you can be a dick, doesn’t mean you should be a dick."
@vladimirkusnezo Rapidology is a fork of bloom. We say so on our home page at Rapidology.com. Bloom is a 100% open source project and right now less than 50% of the Rapidology code is from Bloom (and TONS of Bloom's code was taken from other open source projects as well). I want to say this again... this is an open source fork where less than 50% of our code is from the open source Bloom plugin. I'm not sure when the problem is. Feel free to run the diff yourself.
I thought they were copying appsumo's biz model but it looks like you guys nailed it. I have to agree... Not cool.
They are completely unapologetic about it too. They have the money to develop their own. Neither I, nor my clients will do business with Lead Pages.