Rapid Responsive Design is a concept I developed as part of my SXSW talk proposal to help solve the pains of responsive design. Please take a minute to watch some interactions I have been experimenting with and vote for the talk: https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/81684

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This is interesting, I see CSS grid as the future. Will there be an export HTML/CSS feature like webflow?
@vincentntang Exactly! Even better: this was all made in React like Framer X. So it can export the CSS file with CSS Grid and a React component for layout with all of the correct component import statements! I think when I have the time, the "Code" tab will end up next to "Preview".
Everyone, thanks for all of the love! This has been a passion project for a couple of months. I hope to keep iterating on these interactions for the coming month. If you haven’t noticed me placing plugs constantly, I really want to share the final outcome at SXSW in March. Voting ends this week, so please take a second to help now: https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vot...
Nice concept. Would work well while trying different layouts and testing how it renders on different devices. Is this something you expect to monetise on?
@loomiassistant Thanks Al! This is a collection of interactions I wish all UI design tools held. Instead of making another design tool, I hope that all of them take on these interactions. I am going to keep iterating to make them better and then hope to present them at SXSW. If you have a minute to vote for SXSW, please do: https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vot...
Great concept! This could solve a lot of web problems. Good job! Do you want make this a product or a library for outhers products integrate with?
@salatielq Thank you Salatiel! I would like to end up not making another design tool because there are so many newcomers right now. My hope is to keep user testing these interactions, make more, and then share them for existing tools to adapt. I am going to keep working on this, but I need votes to share my work at SXSW. Today is the last week if you have a minute! https://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vot...
@seejamescode Good approach, would be awesome if some outhers plataforms adapt this. So, I just sign up and voted for your panel on SXSW. Good Luck!
@salatielq Thank you, Salatiel. I appreciate it!