Rapid Rails Themes

What could you build if your app design was done for you?

Rapid Rails Themes is a turnkey design tool for Rails developers. It saves time, hassles and money by providing themes that are totally integrated with Rails.

  • Paul Jarvis
    Paul JarvisAuthor of Company of One

    Looks amazing and will save a crap-load of time!


    Only 16 themes... just kidding, 16 is a crap-load.

    Can't wait to give this a go on some projects.

    Paul Jarvis has never used this product.
  • Ryanwerner
    RyanwernerCEO. Toolsbit

    This is good


    I did not use this before

    Looks Beautiful. will have a try

    Ryanwerner has never used this product.
Hey folks - John here, the maker of Rapid Rails Themes. I made this because as a Rails developer I spent a lot of time and pain struggling to find good themes for my apps, and by the time I'd wrangled a random theme into my app I kidna lost steam. So I made RRT - install one gem, type some commands and the whole thing gets wired up. Love to hear what you all think!
This is pretty amazing work. If you do a few how to's to accompany this it would probably be a solid content marketing play while also helping people understand how best to utilize them. Way to go @mrmcdowall
@frantzlight Thanks Chris, great idea and definitely on my radar :)
Hi John, congratulations, I have been itching for something like this exist, as I find my self as a developer and single founder, needing this. Any idea (jn general terms) as to how this can be incorporated into an existing Rails codebase. Will it be that you create a new alternative view through the gem, then add all the details details from the existing view? Great job and keep it up!
@elbahnasy Yo Iz! When you install the gem, you run a generator which creates a new application layout view and a bunch of partials, includes the css and js into your app.js and app.css an so on. For any of the pages you want to generate from my gem, you'd specify the controller and action name and it would create new views for you under that path. Hope this makes sense! Got making a demo video on my Things list :)
Definitely in market for a rails theme, but I really wish the designs here were stronger. You could have got many of the UI dashboard kits out there with BEAUTIFUL Modern components, and then made those into themes... right now these just doing have the visual design aesthetics that a dashboard theme could have. John this is a Great idea... nail the design and you have a winner. See: http://janlosert.com/store/dashb... https://ui8.net/products/the-adm... Do these in rails...
@batsirai_chada Unfortunately that scenario is not so easy due to licensing restrictions and costs. But I am deeply appreciative of your true and honest feedback :)
Interested in the product but after looking through the site I’m not clear what gets generated when you create a new page? Can you show some sample code of how you build out a page? So are the Bootstrap 4 classes just shimmed out? So if you want a card you would implement a render “shared/card” for example?
@ryan_belke Good idea Ryan, I'll look to build in a code example onto the marketing site. Not sure what you mean by 'shimmed out' - I try really hard to stick to idiomatic Bootstrap classes so that if you removed the theme, everything should just revert back to stock Bootstrap. All of the generated pages make use of 'content block' partials that are rendered into the page, but I didn't go as far as making partials just for cards as the markup is trivial - maybe I'm wrong on that one!