Rapid 2FA

A painless way to add two-factor authentication to your site

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Hello Product Hunters! Rapid 2FA enables developers to integrate 2FA at any website in less than 10 minutes. The API is simple and fair enough, it takes around 3 API calls to get running 2FA at your website. Rapid 2FA supports SMS OTP, Email OTP, Google Authenticator TOTP and backup codes for now. Users can enable any or all the methods for authentication. I am here to answer your questions and help you out with the integrations.
Looks nice and pretty useful for webmasters. Makes sense to allow your users to enable 2FA for their accounts. Majority of the major websites including Google, Twitter have 2FA for their website.
@harris_allen Thank you for your kind words, mate.
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Good product. Good Documentation. But why must be my user redirected to our site? I would prefer to command and control the steps via API calls with my server.
@llabball Hello Ingo, thank you for your feedback. I believe, you're looking for an embeddable hosted page. We're considering to add this feature for our paid customers. We'll inform the existing users when it's ready.