Real IMs. Live Typing. One Page (made by a 15 y/o)

Rapid allows you to have multiple conversations all from one page, and better yet, you can see what your friend is typing: live. I made this with 2 other people, Noah and Harry. I programmed and designed everything (and I'm 15 πŸ‘‹), Noah does Support and Harry works on marketing.

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Shit - when I was 15 (a long while ago) I was only doing HTML and CSS and I thought I was cool.... and you built an app, woah! Good job - keep working on projects and you'll get far, it's definitely the right mindset!
Not able to sign in on iOS (Safari and the PH browser) the SIGN IN link is untappable. (I invented a word)
@pixelmelter Fixed it! You should be able to press the button now.
Hi @William! Well done :) Although I keep getting kicked as soon as i log in (and i've already confirmed my email addy). Chrome on mac.
@william @irfaan Fixed the error, log in as normal and everything should be cool 😎.