Rapchat for Android

Create, share, and discover freestyle raps

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LETSGOOO Thanks for the hunt Sherman + what’s going on PH! For those not familiar with Rapchat, it’s an app that lets anyone create, share, and discover freestyle raps. Essentially, you pick a beat (300+ on there), record over it, and share that snippet with your friends. Rapchat is also a massive hip hop network so you have your own rapper profile, can view leaderboards, feeds, and more… Android has been highly anticipated for quite some time so we’re thrilled to launch while also scoring a Google feature in their New and Updated Apps collection (gracias Google). We’re pumped that now nearly everyone with a smartphone can enjoy Rapchat. We’re also pumped to expand internationally. Hip hop is the biggest genre in the world and is blowing up in nearly every country. For example, it’s reported that China has over 250M hip hop fans alone! So shouts to the Rapchat squad and especially, Jeremy Packer - our Android Developer for buckling down and shipping. This is a major step for us and now we’ll continue to iterate on both platforms to deliver the best experience we can to our users. Excited to hear your thoughts and answer any and all questions!
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For all iPhone users grab RC here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
Super excited to get Rapchat launched and available to the Android world, the man JPack Killa really did his thing!! Check out the app and hit me up if you need help with a rap name, also add me on the app "P-Holla" and we can go back and forth on some beats
Thank you Sherman for the hunt! We've spent the past couple of months of development heavily focusing on bringing a quality experience to our Android users and think we've hit the nail on the head. We set out to create a unique, yet similar experience from our IOS app, and we're happy to finally share Rapchat for Android with the world. Thanks to the team at Google Play, we have utilized the best practices of Material Design patterns to create a beautiful, familiar experience we think our users will love. Since our launch, we have seen users from over 100+ countries, and I'm stoked to see our community grow with every new Android user. If you freestyle, rap, or enjoy listening to talented amateurs slay beats, don't miss out on this Major 🔑.
RapChat is absolutely incredible. My friends and I have been popping of freestyles ever since I first downloaded it, and there's a community online. Awesome find.
@jamesphig my man!! we gotta hop in another cypher when we're in NY!
🙌 I know how hard you guys have worked for this! Can't wait to see what's next!!
@jonasboegh thanks my dude! lots coming next :)
@jonasboegh Thanks Jonas! All of those days at the water cooler talking about our progress have led to this! Appreciate the support my dude!