RapBits for iMessage

Send audio snippets of your favorite lyrics in iMessage

RapBits for iMessage lets you send sound bites of rap right in your conversations

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Finally! I don't think I've downloaded something so fast from PH
@zuhayeer doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps because I use Gboard as my keyboard? So disappointing!
Fixed it!
@paul_davis1 Yeah sorry it's a bit confusing, hope to get a simple installation video up to help people figure it out. Glad you got it though!
Hey everyone, wanted to share this iMessage app that me and my roommates made to let you send audio snippets of your favorite lines in your conversations. Here's a 30 second demo: http://rapbits.com/video/rapbits... And let us know your suggestions for lines to add: http://rapbits.com/suggest
@zuhayeer the demo video is what sold me lol !
Love it. This is a great, dubious idea... no idea if it's something people actually want -- the giphy of sound -- but I think this is really clever. The postmodernism student buried deep inside of me really appreciates what you did there.
Really like the idea of this, usually use the genius app to share lyrics but this is even better. Can I add snippets on my own somehow?
@cudifying submit suggestions here! rapbits.com/suggest
We also have a Messenger bot available at http://m.me/getrapbits