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Mikkel Ulstrup
Mikkel Ulstrup@mikkel_ulstrup · Founder, Menly
Downloaded the app and it looks great! For some reason I couldn't select any topics after creating my profile, so I couldn't enter the app? Closed it down and it worked! A bug maybe? Do you have any plans to integrate Rantt further with existing social media?
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@mikkel_ulstrup Appreciate the feedback and thank you for the compliment! We're familiar with the bug and should be squashed in the next release. As for existing social media, the opportunity is certainly there!
Andrew McLaughlin
Andrew McLaughlin@mcandrew · Medium
Cool, that's good to hear. Thanks for the reply! And good luck!
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@marcomatisch We're working towards that now, looking for Android developers
@zak_a1i @marcomatisch Loved the design and the treatment. Looking forward to the android version. If you want some references about Android Developers in India, do let me know!
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@saurabhgolu91 @marcomatisch Thanks Saurabh, and will do!
Pierre-Marie Galite
Pierre-Marie Galite@tsunaze · mobile developer & advice giver
Can you tell us what was your original problem with current News apps, and how Rantt is different from the others (I want some back story :D) ?
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@tsunaze Sure thing. The ease of access to headlines nowadays is astounding. Our facebook and twitter feeds are filled to the brim with friends and followers sharing the news and their opinions on it. And with some of the great news apps out there, like Apple News or Flipboard, finding articles to read is the least of your worries. However, there is an unfortunate side-effect of the news being unavoidable, and that's the spread of misinformation and/or falling victim to an agenda. Not every article is created (written) equally. There is clickbait, fluff pieces, opinions presented as facts, facts presented as opinions, right & left wing propaganda, special interest studies, tabloids, etc. What differentiates Rantt from the others is that we call a spade a spade, we will never present you content for contents sake. Every article that's put into the app has been read, fact-checked, and discussed by people who eat, breathe, and sleep 'the news'.
Venkatesh Thallam
Venkatesh Thallam@vthallam · Founder @ Jobsplane
@zak_a1i @tsunaze Hey Zak, Congrats on the launch! I liked the concept, but i feel you should sell this as an app where you can discuss your views on various news topics without being judged about your views/inclination unlike social media rather than as an app where you find unbiased news articles. Also, I feel the name as some negative connotation which is not good if you are scaling, but otherwise app looks cool :)
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@vthallam @tsunaze Thanks Venkatesh! That is definitely an important aspect of Rantt. We want to provide a stage for outspoken individuals to share their thoughts on the topics that matter to them. Delivering unbiased news ensures that our users are given the facts so they can have more informed debates and more progressive discussions. That's the main differentiator. Our bias is the truth.
Lynn Fredricks
Lynn Fredricks@lynnfredricks · President, Paradigma Software
Does the news originate from the same source? Id like to see how the news is getting into it.
Zak Ali
Zak AliMaker@zak_a1i · Co Founder & CEO, Rantt
@lynnfredricks The news is human curated. We pull from multiple publications (cnn, the washington post, vox, bloomberg, AP, Reuters, etc.)