Real time ranking for iOS apps in the App Store.

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Ranky is the simplest and most powerful way to track the performance of iOS apps in the App Store rankings, with real time data.
Track your own apps or those of your competitors, without having to be connected to any AppStore connect developer account
Vali Draganescu
  • Pros: 

    Shows you the app ranking and you could check on competiotion


    Cannot check your rank based on search keywords

    I payed to get access to tall countries, but sadly I cannot check the app ranking based on search keywords

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TeixMaker@teix · CEO
We created Ranky to have the real time data, by directly getting it from the App'Store. Most tracking solutions, fetch the Store at scheduled intervals, we don't, our app gives you the current ranking. Whether you're a developer looking to track your own apps or those of your competitors or just a fan of iOS apps looking to check out what's newly popular, Ranky is your go-to app. Looking forward to your feedback 🤗
Charles@charlesmdp · trtle.io
Impressive to see how some apps like Forest crush the competition worldwide https://ibb.co/YBDPLbW although it's paid apps.
TeixMaker@teix · CEO
@charlesmdp Yes, and sometimes it's the opposite, you check a famous app on one country and seems inexistent in others.
pauline_75@pauline_7500 · Hi I'm pauline
Really love the simple UI 👍
TeixMaker@teix · CEO
@pauline_7500 Thanks for the feedback pauline, we really want to keep the UI simple and clear.