SEO split testing & automation platform

RankScience makes it easy to test changes to your website that can lift search traffic, and also automates a growing number of technical SEO tasks.

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Hey folks! Our goal is to help businesses succeed through SEO automation. I'd love to answer any questions you have about the product, or SEO split-testing in general!
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@ryanbed Hi Ryan, Congratulations on the launch. The product looks dope. Few thoughts if you are planning to scale B2B sales : a) Reach out to funded start-ups. Since they have recently raised money, they will be focussing on SEO and what better than RankScience. b) Reach out to companies hiring for SEO. Since they are hiring for SEO already, it means they have money plus SEO is their area of focus right now. Hence Rank Science. Would be happy to hear your thoughts.
@ryanbed Congrats on the launch! Any thoughts on how this compares to hiring an SEO consultant?
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks! I initially reached out to startups in my network that care about SEO. We haven't done any paid acquisition or outbound sales, but are planning to ramp that up.
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@ryanbed Congrats, Ryan! It's been great watching your journey over the years and congrats on the big next step with launching self-serve.
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@ryanbed , Do let me know whenever you plan to scale your outbound. We have built Easyleadz.com - Virtual Sales Assistant which can help you identify right companies ( as mentioned above), find contact details of decision maker and send them personalised mailer and follow up if they do not respond.
Can you please explain how a line of code has the permission to change existing code on a website? Also, how do you automate the optimization A/B testing? Is this manual or done automatically? If automatic, what metrics do you use? Super interesting - thanks!
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@harrystrick Thanks! RS hooks into your front-end and makes HTML changes on your website. Our software crawls your site and proposes SEO experiments using natural language processing and our data on successful experiments for similar sites. It's a mix of manual and automatic testing. The metrics we use are Clicks, Rankings, and Impressions.
@ryanbed I'm pretty sure that RS Hooks can't change HTML code right? Or am I wrong? It's essentially an auditor that also looks at analytical data to see how to optimize?
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@harrystrick RankScience changes your HTML code! That's the magic : )
@ryanbed That's not a technical answer πŸ˜•
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@harrystrick Ah, sorry! The technical answer is via CDN+Proxy server+JavaScript
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Awesome to finally have a way to help automate SEO. Nice!
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I've been using this for a few months and my developers could stop working on SEO. Recommended
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@chris_chen That's great to hear! It's expensive to have developers working on SEO tasks. Our software gives marketers the ability to make SEO changes and run tests without having to rely on developers.
Looks very nice. Maybe we will be useful for you in the future Worfor
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@alexwawl Sounds cool! We have a 30 day free trial on our site, or you can signup to request a demo and we can walk you through the product and explain it. : )