Make your SEO work - stop guessing, start knowing!

RankAnalyst helps you to understand how your SEO really works and will reveal the essential mechanisms of the market. You’ll be able to intervene quickly, purposefully and strategically, prevent economic damage and bring your company efficiently to the top.
Hello Product Hunt, hello Community. After a long time working as SEO Consultants while steadily feeling that there was something missing to help us consult much more targeted and efficiently, we started developing RankAnalyst. What we were looking for was a way to get down to the root cause of high and, probably more important, low rankings on Search Engines, having a tool that could help us in our daily work. So, after quite a long time designing, planning, coding, testing (you all know that pain) we are so excited, happy and proud to finally launch the service today. Here’s some of the key features you can expect from RankAnalyst: * Swarm Analytics: see the complete data, no pre-processing, no intransparent accumulation * Multidimensional Dependencies: which factors are influencing your SERPS and how do they interact * Competitive Intelligence: see where your competition is better/worse and why. Understand where and how to react While RankAnalyst currently will be offered as a Service, we are planning to release the product as a SaaS solution in the nearer future. So, please have a look at RankAnalyst and let us know what you think and if you like it. Are this the right features, anything missing? Finally, to celebrate the launch we’ll offer one free of charge analysis. This could be your own site compared to your competitors (three to four of those would be ideal) or any site you’d be interested to see how it performs. We would collect requests for the next three weeks (up until June 10th - EoB) and draw the winner on June 11th, so please make sure you’ll leave contact details (e-Mail at least). All we are asking for is that we may use this analysis as a Case Study on our own site and for some articles.