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Domaintower rank tracker is a keyword tracking tool automation project. They monitor all your keywords and track the rank of each individual keyword, and up to 5 competitors on each word. This is a part of a larger package of domain related services you get with a domaintower.com account, services like uptime monitor, SSL certificate checker, domain expiration notifications (alerts you before the domain expires), back link monitoring and so on. have a look, and please vote up if you find the service interesting. Domaintower.com is in development, and would gladly take any feedback or suggestions.
Hey, @FredrikNas! How are you tracking keywords? Since Google defaulted to https, SEO experts have lost a ton of visibility into how users are finding their site through search. Also, one piece of feedback: there's so much text on the landing page that I didn't read beyond the first few sentences. I'd cut it down to 25% and include an image of the results you receive. P.S. Here's the Domain Tower thread for those interested.
Hey @rrhoover! Our Rank tracker service is not a "what keyword gave you that organic lead" service, more of a "where are you ranking right now on each individual keyword" type of service. So the challenge is not to obtain the data, but more to obtain the correct data, and not get personalized, or geo-located data, or even cached data. The whole idea is that our rank tracker should fall into the same niche as our other security related services, where we monitor if anything is wrong, like for example if you drop more then x numbers of positions, or for example if you get de-indexed on any keyword you monitor. Furthermore we send out a digest mail once a week to show you how the week have been for every keyword, how many gained/declined positions, and what was the results last week compared to the last obtained result this week. Yes we know we have made many mistakes with the landing pages and overall design atm. Things have grown naturally as more data/services got added, so we are in need of a good trimming. Therefore we are working on a complete makeover. Especially since we are not responsive either. I was playing around a bit in Unbounce the other day and found a design i think will work great for us: http://unbouncepages.com/rank-tr..., with a descriptive video in the header and one image with a customer statement next to it right before the price plan. Sadly, i enjoy building the service a heck of a lot more then marketing it, so i am really starting from scratch and trying to learn marketing at the moment :) So far i have gotten hooked in Unbounce, Optimizely, Crazyegg and Formisimo, all great services that makes it a lot easier to test and find the best path. Luckily i have an investor with a great network behind him, both when it comes to reaching out, but also finding people to ask for help when i get stuck As always, i´m open to ideas and opinions, so if you have any, i´m all ears :) Best regards, Fredrik Näs
Thanks for the clarification and every founder has things they dislike but know they should be doing (@paulg's Schlep Blindness talks about this). Btw, you might want to try using Peek to receive a 5-minute video of someone walking through the onboarding flow (cc @IAmPhilSharp from UserTesting).
i signed up for peek, so looking forward, and yet fearing the result :) Yeah i know, is all about biting the bullet and getting it done :)