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Create your own Product Hunt For X with WordPress

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Awesome to see Rank It here on PH! Josh is an awesome WP Developer. I build http://pixelfetch.co with Rank it WP.
@alexkess Thanks so much for the kind words, Alex!
Great way for people who do not have the time to get into Telescope and Meteor to start building a community. Exciting stuff!
@maxime_leblanc I totally agree. I love the format and WordPress made perfect sense as the backend.
Excellent work @joshcanhelp! I love this theme. Using it as my MVP for http://hunt.bierwerx.com and the latest rev rocks...
Aways excited to see different Product Hunt for X. Hope to see more products made with Rank it WP and grow this collection http://www.producthunt.com/@sour...
Hey @joshcanhelp - looks good. When I was working on anotheruniverse.com I looked at a couple of people doing PH themes for WP. I don't think yours was out yet (or I missed it). We're going to be launching a couple other PH for X ideas coming up, so I'll going to be giving you a try as well (though I do love the telescope framework). Do you have a development plan for new features or layout types? What's on your agenda for this?
@sacbookreviewer I appreciate that, let me know if you have any specific pre-sale questions about the theme here: https://theproperweb.com/contact/ The upcoming features are all listed here: http://rankitwp.com/docs/future-.... The next release, which is a bit delayed, will add some key features like collections/favorites, time-bounded top listings, and admin style controls. It will be a big release and answer a number of requests from current users. Thanks!
@joshcanhelp @sacbookreviewer "pre-sale questions"? Who talks like that in real life?
@peterjthomson He sounded interested in the theme so I thought I would be helpful and not gum up this comment thread by pointing him to where I can answer his questions directly. These being questions related to buying the theme, I call them "pre-sale." Does that help clear things up for you?
@joshcanhelp I wasn't offended by it. And completely understood what you were saying. Often when doing a cold email to a website about a service I'll use the same term in my subject line, so we're all good. Will probably follow up w you later today.