Send an email with a link. Get a screenshot. πŸ“¬

Do you want to browse the Web, but from the comfort of your inbox? (Who doesn't, right?)

Just send an email to get@rangorango.com. Include any URL as the only thing in the subject line. (No spaces.)

In a jiffy, we'll email you back an inlined screenshot.

I used to work for a company that banned most websites like the news, social media etc except for lunch hour 1pm-2pm, this would be so useful for people that face that @petebray
@abadesi thanks! Yep, that was one of my thoughts too. I may extend it to SMS, too.
@petebray that's super interesting... would you send a screenshot image file? Could be helpful for people in areas without high speed internet where loading the actual web page would take too long / use up too much data.
@abadesi one idea is to extract core values from the web page and just sent those in SMS. for example, if you frequently check your product's ranking on PH, you could send an SMS and say something (using CSS selectors probably) like, "where do I rank now on PH?" Or, "how many products listed today on PH?" And you just get the value in reply. Then you may even be able to schedule these so they recur every day.
@petebray that's pretty cool, that appeals to people doing digital detox - swapping to things like Light phones and retro Nokias to avoid compulsive notification checking
@petebray @abadesi how would the users remember the urls ?
Thanks for hunting, @petebray :) I'm curious to know in what situation would people need to use such a tool πŸ€”
@amrith Haha. I built much of this as a quick way to bypass the Great Firewall to get Western news while traveling in China (and when VPN was not available). I am hoping other use cases might emerge!
@petebray Interesting! Yes definitely I agree with it being useful when you're access to a site is restricted.. But my concern was that this would majorly be applicable to text over multimedia.. For me the usecase would be a nice way to save and read articles for later πŸ˜‰
@amrith yeah, I think that's a great use case. Another idea is we can extract all of the text and email it to you instead of a screenshot. This would be even less download.
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