Stop running in the same old circles.

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Cool idea. I'd love a version of this for creating different gym routines. I always fall back to the same lifts. @tsondermann does the app ensure the same route isn't given each time? Is it completely random?
@rrhoover It is completely random, based on a whole bunch of math that our developers worked tirelessly on (but that I don't completely understand!) You also have the ability to choose another random route if the one chosen for you doesn't appeal to your mood. ;)
@rrhoover @tsondermann I should clarify that a bit. Yes, it's "based on a whole bunch of math" and it's completely random. Except that you will always be running on roads and paths. So depending on how long your runs are and where you live, you may see some runs that look similar. If you live out in the country with only 4 roads around, we may not be able to give you a whole lot of variety!
Happy to answer any questions if people have them. This was a bit of an internal experiment at MojoTech. We had a (very) small window of time where one of our iOS developers was available, and set about to go from idea to App Store as quickly as possible with an MVP. Many more features in the hopper, but we're waiting on feedback etc. to test/iterate.
I am a runner and will try this out. I think it sounds cool. For me personally though, I am pretty much always running random routes. I know the neighborhood pretty good, so I usually just start running. I use MapMyRun so I always know how far I've run and have a decent idea of how far away I am from "home base" if that makes sense. So from that aspect, unless I'm trying to run exactly a certain mileage, I don't see much added value for me personally. That being said, for traveling it would be great to have something like this when I am not as familiar. And, I think the idea of optimizing based on certain filters would definitely provide the value-add that would make me want to use this all of the time.
@jkent2910 Thanks Julie! We definitely had travelers in mind and we're hearing lots of love for filters.
In fact, i did not understand the benefit. For example, when i travel to other cities, i always want to know the best routes to walk/run etc. Is this app help me to discover the best (the most photogenic) routes to run?
@ozguralaz We don't yet have the functionality to optimize via certain filters: best views, hilly, near water etc. But it certainly something that we've been thinking about.
@ozguralaz @tsondermann Implementing a crime-avoidance feature utilizing publicly available data could be helpful as well. https://data.sfgov.org/Public-Sa...
@skylerwshaw Fantastic idea!
@ozguralaz New monetization strategy: Route to a bad neighborhood... in app purchase for directions home! jk/jk Seriously though, great idea. Thanks!
@kishfy do not forget "every rich neighborhoods are the same, but every poor neighborhoods have different story."
Thanks for building this! It's actually been on my apps-ideas-to-build list for a long time, just so I could have it to use myself.