Random Tweet of Kindness

Anonymously make someone's day in 140 characters or less!

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Now I know this is meant for nice things to say... but anonymity means that unfortunately some people may use it for horrible tweets :( Let's give the benefit of the doubt and spread the love πŸ’•
@bentossell Hi Ben! I actually think being anonymous might work. I just tried the service. It's sleek n functional. I would also encourage you to check out SoPraise (iOS: Bit.ly/SoPraise Android: Bit.ly/SoPraise_GPlay) @zachvaness and I worked hard on creating SoPraise. Would love to hear what you have to say about it.
I agree that its anonymity is also its weakness. Maybe there is a way to "word" screen it sometime soon. Other than that, I enjoyed sending messages of positivity to friends who needed it. Thanks for this!
@carloborja Hi Carlo, I think some people like anonymity but some want to let their friends know who is being the kind note. That why at SoPraise you can send Thank You note quickly ! Would love to hear what you have to say about it ! Happy 2016.
If you let people choose from a bunch of pre-made (kind) tweets it would be a lot saver.
@svenvd_zee I think we heard you even before you spoke (spooky huh!) That's why we created SoPraise (iOS: Bit.ly/SoPraise Android: Bit.ly/SoPraise_GPlay
I think we really need this kind of severe. Showing kindness is one of the free things in the world that bring happiness. Once I composed my text I couldn't see submit/send tweet button?