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Collaborative story telling on twitter

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6 tweets from 6 individual people come together to make up a story. You can fill your part of the story in whatever order you want and everyone gets notified on twitter when the story is completed. It's led to some pretty hilarious stories so far. Have fun!
Michele Don Durbin
Michele Don Durbin@mdondurbin · VP Marketing
@rananava excellent for teaching young adults collaborative creativity. Can't wait to see more.
Philip Kuklis
Philip Kuklis@philipkuklis · Co-Founder, Hubble
@rananava That's awesome. It's funny that you can see how other people are struggling to write a part in real time. 😃
Mohnish Bahal
Mohnish Bahal@mohnish_bahal · Marketing Head, Vista Rooms
@rananava This is Uber cool. My team went completely Gaga about this. Having said that, I think you should include a share option once the story is complete. As a reader, if I like something, I want to instantly share it. 😄
Thanks so much for the feedback man! We'll figure out how to incorporate. Love feedback from #mumbai 😄