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#2 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2015
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Lots of great resources for founders. Just refresh the page to get more options.
@erictwillis thanks for sharing Eric. I didn't know Airtable. It seems like a great resource.
Hey Producthunters! I am so happy to be featured here! This website came out of my entrepreneurial curiosity and my love of learning. I have always searched for the best tools to use and blogs to read. This website helps entrepreneurs find awesome content and resources around the web. I have selected 8 different categories and over 1000 resources. I truly believe that you will find the website interesting and hopefully find a bunch of good resources. This is my first website in rails EVER and it’s one in a challenge called 6 websites in 6 months. You can read the article here: http://bit.ly/1MC1FED I would love to get feedback on the website! Thank you
@blombergvictor looks really nice, personally not a big fan of the randomness but again, it looks and works really nice :D
@leonpals Thank you. How would you prefer it?
@blombergvictor I see you have categories, basically all I'm missing is a search option maybe? But then again, it's called Random Resources for a reason :)
@leonpals Yes, I wanted it to be random. But in the next version I will add features such as filter and more categories.
Nice and simple UI - gets right to the point. In the past 5 minutes I've found a few new resources that I never knew about. Nice work @blombergvictor!
Thank you @front9tech! I'm glad you found something useful :)
@blombergvictor 6 in 6 is so fun -- and ambitious. Quite a few resources here that are new to me, too. Your tool junkie cred is legit!
Thank you @kkdub :) I think it's a great challenge! ;) Awesome!
Great UI and loving the content. Keep it up!
@alanaut24 Thank you so much! :)