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StumbleUpon for Periscope. Discover random streams.

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Hi everyone, I am Onur Yılmaz and developer of Random Peek. The idea behind this application was simply looking the world from other people's eyes randomly for a fixed time intervals. As Periscope, Meerkat and any other streaming social networks enable us to use this technology, I just created an easy way to check what is going on worldwide with the randomness effect. If you have any comments or run into issues feel free to inform me on this page or on Github repository to make it better. Happy hunting! :)
@supercornetto looks interesting, except doesn't work on my any of my browsers under Win7 (chrome, FF and IE11). let me know if you need me to debug - app@uxiomatic.com
@supercornetto Yep, not working for me either (Mac - FF/Safari/Chrome). Fun idea though. :)
@pyro979 @uxiomatic @goaliegirl Did you enable pop-ups and refresh the page? I have tested as such and it looked like working: https://youtu.be/vqYM7sIZ4oU I would appreciate if we can solve the problem.
@pyro979 Thanks for checkling out again!
Huh! Cool idea - really interested to try this out later.
doesn't work on mobile safari! is this desktop only?
Hi David, Thank you for your attention, it is for only desktop now.
I'm not able to get this to work. I've tried on Chrome, FF, and IE on my PC. As well as Chrome and FF on my Mac. Still not seeing any "Random Peeks"
@_jharris Hi Jonathan, do you still have the same problem?
@supercornetto No, it seems to be working now