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You could add buttons that reload the page, or "Gimme another one" button
@radikaalanssi Done! I liked your "Gimme another one" button name idea and I borrowed it ☺️
Should be a chrome/firefox plugin that shows a html tag everytime a new tab is opened like http://mainichi.me/
@wilbertheinen Your feedback has been heard! The next thing I will build it will be this plugin since I like your idea a lot.
Hi there, I made a website for beginners, so that they could learn HTML easier. What do you think? Do you find it useful? Cheers,
@rautaalin It could use a little bit of context. Some code examples maybe? It looks like the description is coming straight from the HTML spec, so right now it reads a bit... rigid.
@joostschuur Thanks for your feedback! There is definitely room for improvement. I will add some improvements, like the one you said maybe and a refresh button, so the user wouldn't have to refresh the page every time.
Seems to be down.
@vladzima I checked now and it seems to work. Can you check it out and tell me if it works?
@rautaalin Yeap it's definitely up but still doesn't open on my devices; must be some error with my network.
@vladzima Any glitches you encounter please let me know. I put it on cloudfare for the ssl certificate and I thought it won't have any problems in being up all the time, but it wasn't the case after all.
The arrows on mobile version don't work. The orange background is not the best option in your case, because the easiest for eye is reading black letters on white background. I would also advise using a serif font.
@aramiggs The arrows are part of the title, which apparently is misleading. I would add a refresh button shortly