Random Color Palettes

Generate a random color palette by tapping your space bar



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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Theres a fair few different colour palette generators out there now... I like the simple ones but what is going to get people to use this over others out there?

Would be cool to see examples of where each palette has been used. If it's completely random then maybe the colours don't go together ;) haha
@bentossell Thanks for the hunt! Honestly, I did not expect this to be on here. Feels amazing to build something and see it here.

I have played around with a few colour scheme generators and they are great, but I wanted to build a super simple tool for myself. It is always hard to find colours for your projects and rather than configuring a tool, I want to simply skip through colours as quickly as possible and see them next to each other. This allows me to have a palette in front of my eyes and I can compare 5 colours easily.

I do feel though that I can make this tool a bit smarter haha and still keep it simple ;)

I'd like to get some feedback and improve this tool in the coming weeks.


Some improvements I can think of right away:

- A palette should have colors that make sense
- Update the URL bar, so history of palettes is available
- Allow users to share a palette
@armi2n @bentossell I think it would be great to add the following functionality:

1) Complementary colours based on a predefined primary colour
2) Add semantic tagging - e.g. warm, cool, vibrant, fun, professional, etc.
3) popular colour palettes
4) user generated colour palettes (like color lovers)
@tahseen_rostom thank you for the feedback. I think that the features you describe already exist in other products. I will take your thoughts to heart when I build this out further.
Clint Laskowski — Co-Founder, AuditPad
@armi2n Another improvement would be to also accept clicks to change colors so those on iPads or iPhones can use it, too.
@clint326 mobile friendly is the way and something I should have done. This is definitely on the roadmap 😉
Scott Wall — Professional Services Reporting Engineer
So a long time ago a tool very similar to this was posted on product hunt. I've shared it here in this link, but it is essentially this exact thing with a few more features.

@scottwall0 you are very right. This product is pretty stripped down, the next days and weeks will show how this evolves into its own unique offering. What would you like to see that other products do not offer?
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