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RIP vlog! Love Casey's work
@bentossell I'm very sad it's gone too. That's why I've created RandomCasey, so I can still get a taste when I'm bored :) Anyways, Jon Olsson's vlog is a good alternative that I've been watching: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jon... Enjoy! :)
This is actually a pretty funny idea.
@juztinowenz Working on V.2 now :)
Gonna miss his vlogs!
Would love an option to watch them chronologically from his first ever one! I joined the bandwagon 2/3rds of the way through and want to catch up but youtube's playlist interface is reverse-chronological and sometimes very random...
@nadomars This option exists but it's not highlighted :) Just start with the link below and use the next/right arrow to move to the next episode or wait for the video to end and will auto load the next episode: http://randomcasey.com/my-first-...
@tonixx awesome! thanks :)
I miss Casey's vlog :( Anyway, someone else created a random Casey player 8 months ago: https://www.producthunt.com/post.... But the video appears tiny on theirs, so yours is a better way to experience endless Casey.
@miriamschwab Yes, I've been using that site until I've realized it doesn't contain all the vlog episodes since it hasn't been updated. That's when I've decided to build this improved version, which is automatically updated and now contains all the 475 episodes
@tonixx Amazing! It's Casey heaven :)