Random BnB

Discover a new, curated room on Airbnb with each tab

Random BnB is an extension for Chrome which shows you a totally random house from Airbnb for you to book.

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Hi PH! I had a fantastic time traveling through Europe, and I already miss the Airbnb that we stayed in. For nostalgia's sake--and to keep me in the traveling mood--I threw together this Chrome extension, which presents a random Airbnb listing on each new tab. I curated each of the listings, and I plan to update it frequently. All of the code is available on GitHub (https://github.com/zchr/airbnb), and I'd love any feature suggestions! I hope that eventually this can become a way for Airbnb renters to showcase their listing. In fact, if you've got a listing, you're more than welcome to fill out this form so I can include it in the next release https://docs.google.com/forms/d/.... Thanks for taking a peak! I look forward to any and all feedback!
@zachschnell this is such a simple and playful idea, I sometimes go on Airbnb to look at the most out there listings (regardless of whether I'm travelling or not) so this would be really entertaining.
@abadesi Thank you for taking a look :) It was such a learning experience building it over the weekend, and I look forward to adding more features in the coming weeks. If you've got any ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear em--feel free to message me.
This is nice @zachschnell! Maybe a way to see more pictures of the surrounding area would be a good :)
@guillaumebardet great idea! I definitely want to take advantage of the white space on the right side. Location photos seems like an awesome way to do it!!
Haha yeah @zachschnell I was looking at the white space thinking there had to be a good use for it. I am not sure if you have that already but a way to get to the listing on AirBNB would be nice as well.
Great idea, Good job!