Your ultimate movie, word, and number generator!

- You don’t know what movie to watch at night? - You can’t decide whether to buy an item or not? - You are not sure which numbers to pick when playing Lottery? Randm is your answer. It offers you random movies in your favourite genre with an easy single tap. Create up to six words what come through your mind and it will randomly pick one for you. By adding two numbers Randm generates any number within the given range. Use your imagination and let Randm do the rest - it is your ultimate generator! / Let's randomize!
Very Nice! I think it could also work as a party starter... movie, song, or just about anything you want to do and prefer random selection. Surely it'll start a debate! Good luck!
@moravtchik It definitely works as a party starter, we have tested this feature out in this situation many times :) Also we are planning to make the "movie" section with more features such as trailer previews, cast etc. Thanks.
also a seemingly random set of things [movies, words, numbers], but I guess I don't really ever need anything else randomized
@siddygups The good thing about Words and Number, that you can almost set up everything that fits your need. For example Dice, Rock-paper-scissor, and more.
Android version planned?
@pburtchaell It is for sure. We are starting the development end of this month.