Meme-as-a-Service 🌚 If you would like to binge on memes during this lockdown period or use memes as your next projects' image placeholders, check out and contribute your memes today!
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Hey folks. Thanks for checking out rand(meme) ❤️ As I have been binging a lot of memes from sites like 9gag etc while working from home during lockdown, I thought to myself "Why not use memes as placeholders for my projects as memes come in all sizes and colors (literally) for my frontend to handle?". So I wrote what eventually became that serves random memes. And the natural step afterwards was developing an app ( so my meme fanatic mates can binge on my favorite content and contribute theirs as well. Please enjoy the memes and contribute yours too 🌚
wow interesting!
@tc94 ❤️
highly recommend ❤️
@phuong_bich_ta Thanks for the support 🙏
such a time killer 😈