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The fastest, smartest t-shirt ordering system in the world.

Ramp T-shirts is the fastest, smartest t-shirt ordering site in the world for teams and events.

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Hi folks, I'm the co-founder of Ramp. I'll be on-hand all day to answer any questions. The two main pain points we're addressing are: 1 - Time - our research shows it takes an average of 4 days, and 8 emails/phonecalls, to get a quote and your t-shirt order agreed. Ramp allows you to do that in 2 mins. 2 - Sizing - people never know what sizes to buy - we operate a few other merch/swag sites, so collect data that allows us to suggest what you should buy. More data tools coming soon (size and colour differences by event or startup type, or music genre, for example). - if you know exaclty who you're buying for, but it's a pain in the butt to go collect all the sizes, we're about to launch a tool that will do that for you! Oh, and we're offering all Product Hunters 10% off, as you'll see on the site. Let me know what you think, Neil
@neilcocker other than ease of ordering... how else do you differ (understood that is a massive part of it haha). Are there other things other than T-shirts available or in the pipeline (hoodies)? Awesome to see someone from the Startup Community in Cardiff :)
@bentossell Hey Ben! Yes, ease of getting your price, sizing then checkout, saving yourself days of back and forth, is the main thing we're focused on nailing. But we can do pretty much do any printed garment right now (email me on neil@ramp.fm for a specific quote), and hoodies will pretty much be the next thing available. After that, it's whatever people want from us: stickers, notepads, pens.... I think the best people in this space right now are the likes of Teespring, who are awesome! Theirs is a campaign model, primarily. Whereas ours is all about making it very quick and easy for a central purchaser.
@neilcocker Oi, you said you were avoiding the email process to get a quote 😉
@bentossell Hahah! Yes! We do that now for t-shirts. And soon will be able to do it for everything. ;-)
@neilcocker cool. Do you hold inventory or use drop shipping? What brands of t-shirts do you use for each different quality? Where is the printing done?
Looks good. The quoting system bit intrigues me. How quick is it and what are you doing there to differentiate?
@thedimmick Hi Steve! Thanks for asking. We believe it to be the fastest t-shirt quoting system in the world! In short, pricing up a bulk order of t-shirts is pretty complicated. There are screens, inks, different types of t-shirt (or whatever) all to be considered. You'll notice that it's almost impossible to get a quote online anywhere, and those that do provide online quotes make you jump through so many hoops to get it that you're exhausted by the options! We worked really hard to distill it to its essence, so that we could give people a clear, transparent quote, in a matter of seconds.
@neilcocker Neat. So, where / what next and why / how for you guys?
@thedimmick Thanks! What next? - more products. We've started with t-shirts because it's the main thing that people want first. There's plenty more stuff on the horizon, though. - more data tools. This is the stuff that gets us really excited. We've got some great data, and we're dreaming of a world where everyone totally maximises their sales, or minimises their wastage, through getting *exactly* what they need. We're currently in the final stages of a startup accelerator, so we'll be thinking about potential investment very soon, in order to grow this thing! ;-)
Nice work, love the UX and the research you did... but, hey! that's very expansive T-shirts...
@itsikalfon Hey @itsikalfon - thanks for that! We offer three different budgets of t-shirts, but I'd genuinely be interested to know where you can get the same quality shirts for much cheaper? Always happy to see if we can improve on our pricing!
@itsikalfon Actually it's cheap :) 100 t-shirts for ~500 GBP is okay (+ free delivery)
@bogomep @itsikalfon Hahah, thanks @Bogomep! I suppose it depends where you are, and what quality you purchase. Plus, as you notice, we're free shipping to UK, EU and USA!
@bogomep @neilcocker Hey :), i'm from israel and local printed t-shirt will cost 7-9 GBP, but i think you right, it's all about the quality...
@itsikalfon @bogomep Cool! Israel is one of our next places that we want to provide shirts to, as there's such a great startup scene there. 100 x one-colour printed t-shirts through us are £3 / £4 / £8 each, depending on which quality you choose. So I think we're pretty cheap in comparison! :-) Don't forget that the number of colours in your logo will affect the price reaosnably significantly.
Hi @neilcocker. Looks good. Do you do women's tees, too? Asking for my wife you understand...
@adamfarah Hi Adam! You don't look like a women's sizes kinda guy, but if it's for your wife.... ;-) Yes, we do. Currently they're not shown on the preview, but you can just click the button "Pick Sizes After Order", and one of our team will be in touch as soon as you checkout.
@neilcocker This looks awesome, good job! The data side of this intrigues me. What kind of data insights can we expect in the future and in what ways will that benefit your customers?
@joetannorella Thanks Joe! Firstly we're going to be providing size distributions by country. It'll come as no surprise to you that the average sales we make through our other sites show a large difference between, say, USA and Japan. So, if you were to be going to a conference in Japan, that insight would help you get the right sizing. Or if you were a band going on tour of Japan, and you wanted to maximise your merch sales. It starts to get really interesting when you look at a couple of variables. I can;t say too much about how we do this right now, but imagine you're a jazz band from the UK, going on tour of Australia, and you could afford to only take 100 t-shirts with you. If we could give you automated guidance on the preferences in sizes, colours, and styles that the typical jazz audience has, that would be incredibly useful! Thanks for the question. The speed and transparency bit is really important to us, but the data bit is the cool, exciting stuff!