Ramp Receipts

Create a receipts/invoice dashboard for Stripe

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Howdy. We built Ramp Receipts to solve a big customer service issue - customers asking for receipts. Ramp Receipts as a free product for the saas community to use. Now you can put a receipts dashboard, online receipts and receipt PDFs on your site in a couple hours versus a week of development.
@bobsenoff I'm trying to sign up for this and the login screen is just hanging on a white page. I've tried stripe and GitHub logins. The page it's hanging in has a login token in the URL parameter.
@angus_halen Thanks. We're on it. Email at at support at rampreceipts dot com, please.
@angus_halen Have you tried making sure you don't have an old token. I was able to sign in with all 3 Oauths and connect with Stripe.
@bobsenoff hi bob, interesting resolution. I tried everything. Clearing cache, incognito browsers etc. The problem is safari. I tried in chrome and it all worked first time.
@angus_halen Perfect. We'll check it out. We just rewrote the intro the the docs this morning so this is great timing. Thanks for the heads up. We appreciate it.
This is great 👍 I built a web app a year or so ago and had to do a pretty bug "hack" to get stripe reciepts available to my customers in their account settings. I'll definitely check this out.
@angus_halen Thanks. We built the prototype for this on @linktexting and it eliminated all of the customer support tickets for receipts. In Ramp Receipts we've added customization capability so you can add in other information you want in the receipts and PDFs. Our beta user @mailshakeapp then added the ability for customers to modify their own receipts information in their receipts dash which we added to the API. So now it's pretty slick. And free.
This will be brilliant for www.swpnights.com and Guestily.com to allow our members to access their own booking receipts etc. Congrats @bobsenoff on a great service!
Such a no-brainer for any SaaS business. I handle support and it sucks generating invoices manually every month, for me and for the customers that have to ask for them.
This tool is amazing as far as dealing with Linktexting.com customers. Thankful that Bob and Sujan taught me about how to do great things in SaaS. :)