Ramp Receipts

Create a receipts/invoice dashboard for Stripe

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Bob Senoff
Howdy. We built Ramp Receipts to solve a big customer service issue - customers asking for receipts. Ramp Receipts as a free product for the saas community to use. Now you can put a receipts dashboard, online receipts and receipt PDFs on your site in a couple hours versus a week of development.
@angus_halen · Founder, Lyrical.me
This is great 👍 I built a web app a year or so ago and had to do a pretty bug "hack" to get stripe reciepts available to my customers in their account settings. I'll definitely check this out.
Simon St John
@simonstjohn · Founder, swapnights.com
This will be brilliant for www.swpnights.com and Guestily.com to allow our members to access their own booking receipts etc. Congrats @bobsenoff on a great service!
Mark Lindquist
@markaulayculkin · COO
Such a no-brainer for any SaaS business. I handle support and it sucks generating invoices manually every month, for me and for the customers that have to ask for them.
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
This tool is amazing as far as dealing with Linktexting.com customers. Thankful that Bob and Sujan taught me about how to do great things in SaaS. :)