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By just using Rallypoint you're solving problems in a way that keeps skyscrapers from collapsing and airplanes from falling apart. Those ideas are hardly magic, getting it to work in an intuïtive UI a whole lot closer to that. With this one we started with an ill defined problem, more an annoyance. Somehow these projects with perfectly competent people and proper processes derailed: tiny problems piled up and formed bigger, harder to fix ones. We workshopped and prototyped on the side of our client work for almost three years until we figured out a way to keep that from happening. For those technically inclined: it's an isomorphic Flux / React app that renders both in browser as well as on the server, running Node with Hapi. We went this way to both enable a rich and responsive UI while keeping first load times just as fast as traditional server rendering. Any questions I'm more than happy to answer :)
Good for passive group brainstorming.
@nathanhoad thanks for hunting us!
I wrote an article going into further depth on the ideas behind Rallypoint: https://medium.com/@JaapRood/kee...