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Interesting platform which allows users to vote for new-form content (like Youtube Shows, Live Streaming events, and also their own original content) to be shown on a big screen. If sufficient commitment is "rallied" for an anyone's event proposal - the content is placed into slots in a cinema to optimise sales of the cinema non-primetime space. The first Youtube show (Bravest warriors) received enough support to get space in a New York and London cinema. It be a interesting way for Youtuber's to get themselves on the big screen! Wonder if shows like Netflix originals would ever premier on a big screen first, before being released on their own platform?
@xenophin Honestly, I don't really get it? How are they going to persuade theaters to do this? Leverage the support for a certain campaign?
@bramk yep. Managed already with 2 cinemas ... They have a real yield optimisation problem which is getting worse.
@bramk we also put variable pricing on the event after securing Bravest Warrior content due to community demand. Amazing what youtube community would pay for their favorite content or youtuber on a big screen along with other fans. London sold out. New York almost
I really like this conceptually, but seems like a major scaling issue when spread across countries. One of the theaters in PDX does a similar thing through their newsletter. For instance: newsletter says people want them to bring a 33mm print of Akira, so they need 100 presales to secure it. People pay, they book and make their rental costs without worrying. Great sourcing there.