Rally Starter

People-powered social change, beyond petitions & hashtags

Rally Starter was created by digital activists, to help more people impact positive change. We make it easy for concerned citizens to contact decision makers and influencers across all communication channels to express concern for issues they care about.

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Hey everyone! I’m the creator of Rally Starter and CEO of Media Cause, a marketing agency for nonprofits. We are a team of digital activists, growth hackers, designers and developers building tools and campaigns to change the world. Our team works on the frontline of social issues for nonprofits and good causes alike. For years we have created social justice campaigns for clients by building custom microsites that integrates social media and cutting-edge digital tools. Now we’re launching Rally Starter so that anyone can create their own social change campaign in less than an hour with advanced functionality such as click-to-call for web/mobile and coordinated email campaigns to powerful political and corporate decision makers. There’s a lot going on in the world, from protecting the Affordable Care Act to ensuring that hurricane victims in Puerto Rico receive the support they deserve. We built Rally Starter so you can add your voice by calling, emailing, or tweeting at decision makers and influencers (who have the power to influence decision makers). As a platform empowering issue organizers to create campaigns and concerned citizen to take action we aim to scale positive impact for important local, national and global issues. November 7th is another election day in America and tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of last years monumental Presidential Election. Civic engagement matters more than ever. Voting is just the start. After each election we need to make sure that politicians represent the people that they serve and that companies are held accountable as responsible corporate citizens. We built Rally Starter in the hopes of making civic engagement and social change easier and more effective. Looking forward to your questions and suggestions! #LetsRally, Eric
@ericfacas Love it. Can't wait to dive in and explore what you've built.
@dberkowitz Thanks, let us know your thoughts when you dive in!
@dberkowitz - Thanks David! If you know any east coasters who want to create a change campaign just let me know. I'd be happy to help.

Highly recommended for anyone trying to create change in the world.


Very intuitive interface; Social justice mission


Nothing that I can think of

Just checked out the site this is great! I will definitely share this. Thank you for creating this platform.
@2tell_da_truth Thank you, glad you like it!
This is a great idea. Like the fact that there are a lot of features built for people to join the rallies and witness the progress. It will be interesting to see how the digital communities get activated.