Collaborative scheduling where friends vote on a date

Rallly lets you and your friends vote on a date to host an event.
Hello! Luke here. Happy to answer any questions. This project is open source too https://github.com/lukevella/Rallly
@imlukevella This looks great! I like the design better than Doodle. What would you say makes Rallly unique? The discussions? @erictwillis great find.
@robjama Thanks Rob. I think Rallly is unique in its simplicity. With Rallly, the target is to save time and I believe it does so by requiring the least amount of interaction possible. I'd like to add more features in the future but the target will always be to keep it simple.
@imlukevella So much better than Doodle! Great work, thanks!
Looks cool. @imlukevella I used emble.io and Rally looks quite similar to emble! Any value add that you can highlight?
@vingar For me the value in Rallly is that it requires very little interaction to get the job done, taking mere seconds to set up an event. This does mean it is not as full featured as other services like emble.io or doodle but for most use cases I think that is fine.