Raji: An Ancient Epic

Action/Adventure Game Infused with Hindu & Balinese Myth


An action adventure game set in ancient India. A young girl is gifted with godlike powers to defend humanity against a demonic invasion.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

I played the KickStarter demo and am impressed with how polished it is for a game early in development. It is visually stunning and the music is some of the finest I've heard. I can't recommend backing this title on KickStarter enough, or in any other way they developers choose to raise funds.


Beautifully crafted game in an underused setting, fun game play and a female protagonist.


It needs better keyboard/mouse controls for PC users.

I feel as tho even tho it has similar ideas like several platform its graphically and has a fantastic story


This game has Such potential to something new to the gaming world. a gooD opportunity for indian myth culture be shown in an epic game


This game needs to be released. the fact its not getting acknowledged is cause its already a strong candidate for a good game