The most trustable decentralized exchange

By using Tokenize method, we created a decentralized exchange where you can use bitcoin to trade tokens.
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No pain, no gain
Dear Hunters, It’s my pleasure to come along with Raizer. Let me bring you more information about this amazing product. Different from other crypto platforms, Raizer created a decentralized exchange where you can use bitcoin to trade token. Every time a new block is generated, all orders that have the same price will be matched by counterparty system immediately. With Raizer Wallet, it’s easy to check the balance, support for signing. Moreover, instead of log in multiple times for one session, Raizer supports you set a password to be able to use your wallet in one session. You totally keep control of the wallet, your assets are protected from hackers attack. 3 THINGS THAT MAKES RAIZER WONDERFULL: - Information security: Transaction and message signing will be processed at client side - Full-control wallet: Passphrase generated is also your wallet. Raizer doesn’t store any personal information. - Remember Browser: Raizer provides you methods to encrypt and store your wallet on browser. Raizer are now available to trade by web browsers and has a plan to build an app for your best experience. It’s kindly to get your feedback on the design, onboarding and overall for more improvements. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to hear them!