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Hey Product Hunters (and fellow long time lurkers!). A couple of weeks back, my brother and cousins talked about the ups and downs of looking after kids whilst indoors and I just genuinely wanted to help in some way. *The Problem:* Parents are individually putting in time and effort to find suitable indoor activities, for little gain. - Activity Links were being sent in spreadsheets with little detail nor quality control. - Parent’s Whatsapp group ideas weren’t always sent at a convenient time - Blogsites full of popups, ads and banners make reading the content a nightmare *The Solution:* Rainydaykids makes finding the right activities easy for all parents. It's a central location where parents can save time and filter to find the activities they're looking for. - Reduces sifting - activities are categorised - Reduce noise - activities are filterable by age ranges - Shows the activity - page displays images, not just text - Shows activity medium - an app, a video, audio or something physical - Activities are shareable - via twitter or facebook. Additionally, parents can sign up for a weekly roundup via email. I can see there are some amazing activities to be discovered. The activity list grows daily, so hope it's useful for you parents out there!
Amazing! activities are all in one place and search function is very helpful. I will be using this site to help with activities for my kids.
A timely find. Has removed many-a-headache for my brothers, who were struggling to keep my nephews occupied during this quarantine.
Heads up: the page https://rainydaykids.co/category... is titled: "The Best Art%20&%20Craft Activities, categorised." It has the %20's in there, and the activities haven't loaded last few times I tried to re-load though I see you have some on the home page. Also the music category image is an abacus - same as the math category.
@my_free_legacy_binder Great shout. Have fixed both! Newbie slip up.