Rainglow Color Themes

320+ color themes for a variety of editors and software.

Rainglow Color Themes is a collection of 320+ original color themes created by Dayle Rees for a variety of editors including VSCode, Jetbrains IDEs, Sublime Text, Atom and more. All themes feature a contrast and light variation. I hope you enjoy them!

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Love it. I was already using a @daylerees theme on PHPStorm thanks to a recommendation from the Laracasts guy. Great to see it here.

I like a bit of variety in my eyediet, so I have a few go-to color schemes, in editors and terminals. But this is juts too much...


lots of choice. easy to add to your editor


lots of chice

Thanks for the review Burce! Do you think there might be value in a 'Rainglow Lite' package that features only the more popular themes?
Fantastic. It would be cool if in the Theme Preview Tool you could add some other languages and framework, like React/React Native, or allow people to copy sample code into a new tab to see what the theme would look like with the code they typically work with. Right now it has php and html only.
Hey @daylerees thanks for hunting this cool collection, why did you start working on this project and how long did it take to complete?
@abadesi Hi Abadesi! In a sense, the project is four years old. It started as a collection of Sublime Text colour themes that I created 4 years ago as a means to combat using Monokai everywhere. My first theme was Peacock, and I think that's the most popular to this day. Then it just spiralled out of control, and now I've refreshed the project as Rainglow. It's more maintainable this time around. (I hope!) :)

Such a nice place to get your theming for everything you use from the terminal to the code editor.


A great diverse pallet of colours and contrasts


I would love a "filter by colour" feature in the preview tool

Thanks for the feature suggestion Adrian! I'll look into it!