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6 Reviews5.0/5
This is kind of like Pinterest mashed with Delicious. Beautifully designed.
I need to play around with it more; but this could replace Pocket for me if it works.
@uxandrew I really hate evernote every time I've tried to use it
Has anyone used this? Is it permafree? I have things stored between 3 different systems right now (Icebergs, Diigo, and honey) I'd really like to merge them all into one place. Preferably a place that can be easily shared with a team (or used for personal). Anyone using this vouch for it? I keep fearing I'm going to have to build it myself to suit my needs.
@adamslieb I use this and I love it. You can do premium for I think $2 a month. I like that it can be used on the web, and on Androids so far and now MAC OSX. I have imported all my bookmarks from Pocket and my various browsers into this tool and it worked just fine.
Just discovered it, as a disappointed delicious and pearltrees user I have to say this looks like a dream service. I wonder if I import my bookmarks from pearltrees I will get them re-nested in raindrop (with the pro version)?