% chance of rain on your home screen

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Dark sky is a tough app to compete with, but this is a neat idea
@KristoferTM Thanks! I see Raincast complementing Dark Sky. Dark Sky is really good at giving you notifications right before rain is going to hit, whereas the idea behind this app is to try and quickly be able to answer the question "Will it rain today?" by glancing at the home screen or getting a notification in the morning. Before going into work I found myself opening multiple weather apps to determine whether or not I should bring an umbrella. I use Raincast to quickly answer this question for me.
Love how you used the badge notification to communicate this way
Whilst I like the concept, I think a lot of people (myself included) hate badge notifications - I wouldn't mind a push notification every morning though.
@riaface You can turn off the badge if you'd like. To still get weather updates you could set up a daily alert or two in order to receive local notifications at times you specify.
This is awesome, love the concept! Where do you get your weather data from?
@CarlSednaoui Thanks. I'm using the National Weather Service's pop12 forecast data
@mattlathrop Nice! Thanks — will def give it a try :)