Like Tetris but with rainbows, unicorns, cats and more! 🦄

Your mission as a Rainbonaut is to power the galaxy by crafting rainbows from falling tiles in nostalgic Tetris-style. As you play endlessly or by levels, you'll collect a crew of super-powered heroes like tricky unicorns and gravity-altering sloths, unlock tiles like cat bombs that explode into black holes, explore worlds with new missions!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
That color palette!
@karimmaassen Thank you! We tried to keep it as kawaii as possible
Those colors 😍
@samuelpolat Thank you, Samuel!
I like to play this game! I noticed that there is a message saying 'AR mode coming soon', I am so excited for it. When exactly will it be out?
@kydyzyx Happy to hear you like it!😊While the iOS AR mode is up and running, we’re still in the process of implementing Android’s version. Details regarding its completion will be updated through our Instagram account (@rainbonauts) over the next few weeks.
How long did you spend developing this?
@davemapplegate It took approximately 2-3 months of full-time work spread across 6 months.
@kayagajos Very cool. I'm in the process of designing a mobile arcade game of similar caliber and are at about the exact same time frame. How many downloads have you gotten so far? You might want to consider posting it to TouchArcade as well. I've had a lot of good success with that.
@davemapplegate After the App Store feature, total downloads are at ~120k with China and Russia in the lead. The numbers were very low (100–150/day) before that. I haven’t made many marketing attempts but I’ll look into posting on TouchArcade 😄 Thank you for the suggestion. Best of luck with your game!
@kayagajos No worries. Do you attribute the App Store feature because of ProductHunt at all?
@davemapplegate No, the feature was in mid Sept but PH did refer some downloads. I’m hoping it’ll help with a Google Play feature🤞🏻but the main intent was to get some feedback from the community.