Rain Room

Listen to curated rain recordings to feel relaxed and cosy

Man-curated list for listening raining sounds.
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How did you all upvote so much like this? You are so generous. I'd never expected this. I've got a grateful mind. Thank you
I actually enjoy the rain and love waking around when it’s raining! Rain can relax you indeed. Good one!
@phenrysay so many people hate to walking around when it's raining. Whenever I say I like the raining day, most of the people react to my saying like to see a weirdo 😅. But it is really joyful. A rainy day makes me more relax and creates a mood of a new turning point
By the way, your website didn’t display well for my on my iPhone X
@phenrysay Hi Pierre-Henry! It is grateful to see your comment! You are right! I didn't make a responsive-ability into the site to capable with a mobile device. I will add some CSS codes to make sure to display well for any screen size(I'm trying to learn Tailwindcss). Thank you 🥰
Sorry for a low-quality site. I'm still learning web and app developing. I fancy a raining street and the sounds and atmospheres in there. Sometimes I would search on Youtube for listening and watching. Because here in South Korea that kind of weather is quietly rare.
@fredriccliver Hi, maybe we can refine it together.
@fredriccliver I am an Android developer from ByteDance. I am learning React now