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Analyze and manage your website's performance, SEO, accessibility, best practices, PWA and more using Pagespeed + Lighthouse
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Hello, This is Justin from Raileo. Raileo is built out of a sheer need. Out of all the options available in the market to monitor webpage, most of them seemed overpriced for the use case and others seemed underwhelming in terms of features. This is where Raileo comes in. Using the Pagespeed powered Lighthouse, Raileo helps you to analyze your website's various metrics such as, - Performance - Search engine optimization - Best practices, accessibility - Progressive web app - Speed index Down the road, we are planning to add a lot more features such as, - CI/CD integration - Score drop alert You can see more about our future plans in Roadmap page
Very cool project, I just signed up and results from my website look very insightful 👍
@marian2js Thanks for signing up and happy to receive positive feedback.
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Just signed up and used it. Very nicely done. Usability note - I had to guess that I have to go through setup in the lower links (api key and add url). It would be helpful if when I have an empty dashboard I would get a wizard to add my key and my first url.
@danbars Thank you for the feedback :) We'll add some clear instructions/walkthrough to get started.
Added some more features, such as filtering report chart data with date intervals, more metrics added to slack notification, and some interesting quotes you can read regarding the importance of webpage optimisation while running the webpage scan. Also considering @danbars suggestions, added some help - more noticeable get started instructions.
What new feature would you like to see in Raileo?
Page size analyzer
Load balance Testing
Something else. (comment)
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Now page size analysis is in Raileo