Rage Click: The Game

The most frustrating game on the internet by FullStory 😡

Rage-click.com is browser game released by FullStory that exemplifies a frustrating online experience. Players must navigate irrelevant banners ads, popups, and unhelpful support agents to complete their mission: successfully unsubscribe from Stuff In A Box.
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Hey everyone, A few years ago, FullStory coined the term “Rage Click.” A rage click occurs when you repeatedly mash a button, hoping it performs its intended action; whether its closing annoying pop-ups, submitting your contact information, or—in the physical world—closing an elevator door, we’ve all rage-clicked before. After years of *talking* about rage clicks, we decided that the best way for us to all become a little more empathetic to the plight of frustrated users of digital products was for us to *experience* their frustration. And thus Rage Click: The Game was born… Rage Click: The Game is a browser-based game that gives you, the player, a very simple mission to complete: successfully unsubscribe from the “Stuff in a Box” subscription service. Of course, as you’ve likely surmised, there’s a twist. In order to succeed in your mission, you’ll have to click, click, click—through unhelpful support agents, “confirmshaming pop-ups,” irrelevant-yet-attention-stealing banner ads, and much more. This game is an amalgam of every soul-crushing digital experience imaginable, conveniently packaged in a rapid-fire 5-minute experience. We hope you have a (frustratingly) good time playing Rage Click: The Game—if you’re interested in winning limited edition Rage Click swag, follow us on LinkedIn to join the competition starting later today: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/up... Happy rage clicking, Product Hunters!
If anyone gets stuck, I'll be your unofficial GameFAQs. Ask me anything :)
@johnwilliams713 Does this work on my iPad?
@radrice Yep! The game is completely mobile responsive 👍
@johnwilliams713 How do I unsubscribe?
@chris_roach You gotta convince B.O.S.S.! Destroy those ads. Are you stuck at a certain part?
Like from Userpilot fellas ;)
@roy_karaja Thanks!! What's your high score??
So that sounds fun. Although, of course, since it's a game I imagine it's actually funny, but 'real' rage clicking is never fun.
Love it. Which JS libraries did you use?
@paramvir_gill The game was built in React 👍