Dislike button for your life

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Bringing the comment board straight to your mobile phone. Welcome to your everyday scream therapy.
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I guess it would be bad form to suggest that I dislike the concept of this app? With no offense intended to the creators, but I feel like there's already enough complaining in the world. But I also know that we all need to vent some times, I know I do too. Just want to see more people take the high road (including myself) and find the good in the world.
I agree @planetmitch. But one of the things we're hoping is that people can actually get some sense of what it's like to experience other people's frustrations, and mediate their own. Think of it as a swords into plowshares model of taking some negative energy, expressing it, and then seeing it from someone else's perspective... that... and TBH negging can sometimes be fun. That's my take on it anyway.
@jshieber maybe I just don't know enough about the app as I have a negative reaction to it from the start. The subtitle is "dislike button for your life" - that reads "bitching, bitching, and more bitching" so why would someone trying to stay positive even download the app much less try to understand someone else's anger? I applaud your sentiment of people learning to be sympathetic to other people's anger as that's what we need much more of... but the website's total slant is "anger is good" which just makes me want to run. Sorry that it isn't for me and I shall move on to something I find more encouraging.
"Hey, what if we made YouTube comments section an app?"
i think the negative can be actually positive and this app will help to make life more fun and also help the world to focus on key issues.