Raft Calendar

A fun and beautiful calendar for couples and close friends

Raft is a fun way to plan your life by connecting your calendar to your partner and close friends and making it easy to add beautiful images and GIFs to the things you're planning.

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Thanks for hunting us @gregoiregilbert and HI Product Hunt! Raft is the easiest way to share your calendar with your friends. We want to make it fun and social to plan life. Today's calendars are all about productivity and becoming more efficient. Raft is about finding more time to hang out with your friends and loved ones. The long term vision for Raft is to become a place where you plan the big and small things in life. And since you plan them in Raft that's where you'll remember them too. Try Raft if you're looking for a new way to plan your life, and to prioritize your friends and family :) Anders, Co-founder and CEO Raft
Beautiful calendar app. If Facebook had a calendar app, this is what it would look like.
@tomsoderlund Thanks! Good thing they don't :)
I love Raft. It's a beautiful app that solves the problem of sharing calendar and organizing events with friends. @anders_ekman can you tell us more about Raft? How you guys had the idea, how it works and what's your longterm vision about the problem you're solving?
Awesome product guys! Really like the way it's been designed and especially the onboarding. One question, do other people need the app in order to invite them to an event, or can I just set it up and share a link with my friends?
@jeffreydgroot Thanks! Great input, and happy to hear you like the onboarding! They need the app to reply to the invite. But you can share the details of the event along with an invite to download Raft. We're looking into how to make this part easier :)
@jeffreydgroot Thank you! We have worked really hard with the onboarding to make sure our new users understand the value Raft will bring and also helping them get the hang of our core features in a fun way.
@anders_ekman @signar Thanks for your clear explanation! I like that you're able to share the event details, however, I think it would be more awesome and more user friendly if you could just generate a link which could be shared with your friends. (My friends for example aren't that 'into' apps and hardly download new apps). Looking forward to what you guys come up with in the future and good luck for now! :)
@jeffreydgroot Thanks and we totally agree with you! We're a small team of 3 people, so it is kind of crowded in the product backlog at the moment, but we'll make sure to prioritize this. Cheers!
I really like the idea of having a separate calendar for friends & fun!
@johannesl Happy to hear that!