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Mona DeFrawiMaker@monadefrawi · CEO & Founder, Radivision
Hi PH-ers! Radivate is a new Entre-tainment™ platform of informative and entertaining entrepreneurial original series, curated resources, and community that aim to reach, connect, inspire, and support entrepreneurs and wantapreneurs across the planet. I’ve been amazed at the growth and evolution of entrepreneurship in recent years, yet it's still an insider's game and each entrepreneur has to figure out the system on their own -- often with a few expensive and painful failure lessons along the way. Also, during extensive international travel, I was dismayed to see so many passionate, global entrepreneurs suffering from the lack of support, culture, ecosystem, and resources that we enjoy here in our bubble in Silicon Valley. I created Radivate to help streamline the deployment of entrepreneurial knowledge and networks to improve support, efficiency, and results, and to start shifting the average 80% failure rate to greater success rates -- for a better economy and future through the Entrepreneurial Revolution. Please watch the two new series premiering now: Driven and Radivision and tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing your thoughts! :) Mona
Max Nucci@maxnucci · Low Mango
@monadefrawi Hey Mona, congrats - quick advice: I suggest you revise the logo, or register "radwate.com" (still available) because that is how it looks (to me at least)
Mona DeFrawiMaker@monadefrawi · CEO & Founder, Radivision
@maxnucci thanks for the feedback Max. Radivate is the combination of the Radical Innovation we showcase -- fused together by the lightning bolt which represents the inspired, positive, high energy, indomitable spirit of entrepreneurs! The bolt grew in size to avoid the W confusion from the I+V fusion...but having this backup domain is good thought too. Hope you were able to watch our new series, Radivision and Driven. Would love to hear your thoughts :)
Mona DeFrawiMaker@monadefrawi · CEO & Founder, Radivision
@maxnucci Done!
Kaben Clauson@kbclauson · Co-Founder, Aop App
@monadefrawi very cool. We need more good media content like this. The length and format is great. I'll be watching!
Florence Kwok@fllorencekwok · Rohm, Coming Soon!
@kbclauson @monadefrawi Thank you for your support! :) We look forward to creating more awesome content.
Artem Goldman@goldman_artem · CEO Visabot http://visabot.co/
Great project! Is there a way for entrepreneurs to apply for being in the program?
Mona DeFrawiMaker@monadefrawi · CEO & Founder, Radivision
@goldman_artem So glad you like it! Entrepreneurs can sign up and become Radivators - members of our global entrepreneurial community built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs -- and once a Radivator, you can nominate future Radical Visionaries to be featured on the Radivision series (even yourself!).
Florence Kwok@fllorencekwok · Rohm, Coming Soon!
Hello PH! Ready to answer questions you have about our platform for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the celebrities of our "Entre-tainment" network. We're here to share the real experiences of founders and entrepreneurs - to inspire, educate, support and entertain entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and the rest of the world. Would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! Thanks @bramk for hunting us!