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Thanks for the hunt Benji! I'd love to hear your thoughts and I’m here to answer any questions. Radium is an index of the best articles to build and grow your startup. It already indexes 2,500+ articles (and growing every week) on topics including product, design, growth, fundraising, mobile, leadership, etc I built Radium to bring all my favorite content at one place and create an easy way to search or share great content. I've personally collected them over the last 5+ years via newsletter, pocket and social media. Here are some top articles on common startup challenges. https://www.joinradium.com/posts... https://www.joinradium.com/posts... https://www.joinradium.com/posts... https://www.joinradium.com/posts... https://www.joinradium.com/posts... I hope Radium becomes the first thing you look at to solve your startup challenges and help you succeed. Discover your own new favorite reads and share with us :)
Came across Radium a few days back and thought it was a great resource for people growing a company. Tons of great curated articles all sorted by category so it's extremely easy to find helpful advice on whatever topic you're looking for.
thanks @benjihyam, let me know your favorite growth reads that are missing, and I'd add them :)
Good food for thought.
Great collection of startup articles! Found a great article on product onboarding - We made the decision to add Six More Steps to our Onboarding  -  and it worked. Here’s why. http://buff.ly/2b3XILd
thanks @divmanickam. that's a great article, I personally liked the contrarian title on user onboarding :)
Totally loving this. It's like you giving us a whole library full of startup articles. Can you add Sales and Marketing as topics please?
@samuelfaith thank you! Working on the sales category. Growth is the new Marketing ;)
@arunagrahri I'd disagree. Growth has always been a part of marketing. Just that we are now using different methodology and mindset to it. When I meant sales, I actually meant for companies that need to have a sales team to face clients. You can't growth hack relationships :)
@samuelfaith Ah I see, that's a different category. Radium doesn't have a broader marketing category but it can soon :)
@samuelfaith sure! If you've any curated list on those categories, I can take a look and add those. DM me - arun at meetnucleus.com