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Great, it is really what was needed a long time ago.
@bitrewards Happy to help :) Let me know if you think about cool features to add. I think I'm going to add a way to add radios/channels to a Favorites list, to keep track of the good stuff.
Chrome Addon in the works? Please?
@luis_alvarez Hmm, interesting Luis, thanks for the suggestion! How do you see this working? Small submenu, just a search field, small list of results and one click to listen to a radio?
@pskli Hi Pierre, there are many stations that cannot or will not play for some reason. I mentioned the chrome app because it was kind of painful to find the tab for me. I work with about 4 chrome windows opened. It would be much easier to be able to just look at the selection from an app logo than searching around for the tab. As to how to display it, I'm gonna leave that to you guys. But as an example, I will listen to anything as long as I don't have to dedicate too much time to searching. Love the product though, certainly much better than having youtube opened.
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@luis_alvarez Thanks for your feedback Luis. I'll definitely think about the browser extension! As for the stations not working, it's a known bug that I have to work on. The way I currently check for a radio status is not 100% bulletproof, I'll work on that ASAP to have a better list of radio stations.
What a great idea @pskli - I have added it to my curations and posted about it here - I might even have a chance to give you a little shout out on my weekly live show this weekend! It might be good to be able to bookmark/favourite channels that we like and discover on your platform to return to in the future?
@krishnade Awesome, thanks Krishna! Currently working on some more cool features to make discovering channels and streams better :) Let me know if you speak about Radios.YT on your live show!
@pskli Here is where you will find the replay of the live stream - it was initially streamed on Facebook and it's also been published on YouTube as a replay and as a podcast
@krishnade Thank you Krishna !
Hey peeps! Just pushed an update to Radios.YT: you can now add your favorite radio stations to your list of favorites!! It's free to use and does not require any account creation. Once you create a list, you'll get a private URL to use it anytime, anywhere. Have a look at mine :)