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Cool feature, nicely implemented. Congrats to the team! Should get Medium to email all these folks about it if they haven't already:
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the RadioPublic embed. There really hasn't been an easy way to include a podcast in articles, and we've seen too many dead ends and workarounds and bad links and wanted to do something about it at RadioPublic. With the huge increase in writing about podcasting - critical reviews, lists of shows and episodes, promotional pages - it only makes sense to have a universal embed paired with simple search, and a way for readers/listeners to "take it to go" in a mobile app if they don't listen all the way through on the web (which is often the case with longer-form audio). Eager to get your feedback and suggestions!
This is great! While I don't have my podcast, it would be great to embed podcasts that are relevant to my Medium articles. Any thoughts on adding analytics for people sharing podcasts on Medium via RadioPublic?
@kunalslab Thanks! An interesting idea - this would be analytics information available to you the author of the Medium article?
@neocmatt correct! I write all my articles on Medium, and it's interesting to see which tools people use most often in my writing. E.g., I can track analytics on the voice narration embeds I use from
🀘 Great work! Added to:
Pretty cool. @Jakeshapiro, did you have to work with Medium on this? I've tried embedding tung clips but seems Medium only supports embedding from several sites.
@inorganik we did have conversations with the Medium and teams to get their input and thoughts about what a good podcast listening experience on Medium would look like. The design and development was done at RadioPublic. We implemented the specs provides and applied to become a supported provider.