💰Tools for podcasters to put their best foot forward, earn money, & learn about their audience.
▶️Focus on continuous listening with hand-curated features & stations.
📱Introducing the brand-new HearMarks™: save & share moments within a podcast episode.
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I’m really excited to see this new set of tools help creators and listeners make podcasting better. There's a lot here, and I want to give a big shoutout to the RP team and all supporters, podcasters, listeners who have really shaped what we are creating together. Given all the changes in the industry, it’s also important to point out what has NOT changed for us: RadioPublic is free, protects your privacy, is universally accessible to listeners worldwide, and supports independent podcasters.
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WOW! This is really helpful! Thanks for your contribution to the podcasters and the community
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Looks like a great alternative to Anchor's new ad tool 👍
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I like it!
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nice one!
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